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TNT EP 68: Tornados and Ghost Peppers

On this Saturday Show Extravaganza Tom and Tones start off with our World Famous Segments (Horse Race, It was All a Dream, Haikus, Tones Bones, Finishing Each Others Sandwiches, and Bingeaholics Anonymous) Finished off with a 4 Pack and Tones’ Ghost Pepper Punishment Challenge.

TNT EP 66: Texans and No Good Sluts

Tom and Tones are back with a Classic Thursday Show. First we have our World Famous Segments (Do You Remember?, It was all a Dream, Deal or No Deal Spelling Bee Challenge, Tones Bones, I Got Something to Say). We finish off with a Talkin Flix where we review Hell or High Water and True […]

TNT EP 65: Gay Porn and Poopy Pants

Tom and Tones kick off 2019 with a special episode exclusively made up of our World Famous Segments (Horse Race, It was all a Dream, Haiku, Tones Bones, Buy/Sell, Finishing Each Others Sandwiches, Ask a Gay, Change My Mind/I got something to say, Let there be whats good, and a Professor Tones History Lesson)  

TNT EP 63: Ouija Boards and Boxer Briefs

Its classic Thursday show where Tom and Tones start out by breaking down Love, Simon and Ex Machina and a classic 4 pack of Questions. Next up is our World Famous Segments (Buy/Sell, Haiku, Ask a Gay, Whats Good, and Let there be Rock)  

TNT EP 60: The Ballad of the Ookie Cookie

Join Tom and Tones on this Thursday show. We start out by breaking down the Coen Brothers new Netflix movie “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”. Stick around for our world famous segments that include an Ask a Gay, a Toms Qualms, a Let there be whats good, a Buy/Sell and a Haiku to cap it […]

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