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TNT EP 74: John Wick vs The Beach Boys

This show kicks off with our World Famous Segments (Horse Race, It was all a Dream, Tales of Careers Past, Tones Bones, Whats Good, Let there be Rock) and finishes off with a Talkin Flix/4 pack of questions  

TNT EP 68: Tornados and Ghost Peppers

On this Saturday Show Extravaganza Tom and Tones start off with our World Famous Segments (Horse Race, It was All a Dream, Haikus, Tones Bones, Finishing Each Others Sandwiches, and Bingeaholics Anonymous) Finished off with a 4 Pack and Tones’ Ghost Pepper Punishment Challenge.

TNT EP 66: Texans and No Good Sluts

Tom and Tones are back with a Classic Thursday Show. First we have our World Famous Segments (Do You Remember?, It was all a Dream, Deal or No Deal Spelling Bee Challenge, Tones Bones, I Got Something to Say). We finish off with a Talkin Flix where we review Hell or High Water and True […]