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Tag / sandwiches

TNT EP 68: Tornados and Ghost Peppers

On this Saturday Show Extravaganza Tom and Tones start off with our World Famous Segments (Horse Race, It was All a Dream, Haikus, Tones Bones, Finishing Each Others Sandwiches, and Bingeaholics Anonymous) Finished off with a 4 Pack and Tones’ Ghost Pepper Punishment Challenge.

TNT EP 65: Gay Porn and Poopy Pants

Tom and Tones kick off 2019 with a special episode exclusively made up of our World Famous Segments (Horse Race, It was all a Dream, Haiku, Tones Bones, Buy/Sell, Finishing Each Others Sandwiches, Ask a Gay, Change My Mind/I got something to say, Let there be whats good, and a Professor Tones History Lesson)  

TNT EP 64: Sandwiches and History Lessons

Tom and Tones have a classic 4 pack of questions followed by our World Famous Semgents (It was all a Dream, brand new segment Finishing each others sandwiches, Tones Bones, Let there be Rock, Whats Good, and another Brand New Segment Professors Tone’s #throwbackthursday)